you are crucial in helping your Dyslexic (Dysgraphic, ADHD...) Child succeed.  Check out these tools and ideas to help you help them!

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 do you have children (1 in 10 children are Dyslexic.... ) in your class and want to help them succeed?  Look here for answers and tools to make your life easier and their academic life better!

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Assistive Technology

Find the latest tools and apps to kids (and adults!) not just Survive... but SUCCEED!

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Hello and Welcome!

The genesis of this blog comes from our daughter’s struggle with dyslexia.  (and Dysgraphia and ADHD) It comes from our struggle as parents trying to help our daughter rise above the low expectations people around her had for her. It comes from the joy and love our daughter has for school and reading.  Lastly, it comes from our deep desire to keep other dyslexic kids and families from suffering the way our kid and other kids we know with learning differences have suffered. Let us help! Learn about tools and ideas that made a difference in our journey.